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  • Working in front of computers all day provides you with endless types of ways to kill time throughout the day. We spent a bunch of ours browsing eBay and sending links of cool finds to each other via IM and then nerding out about them for hours. We found ourselves thinking we cant be the only ones who enjoy a little nerding out. So we set up a quick site with a bare bones theme and started posting our ramblings about Hardcore/Punk t-shirts. A few months later we started to get a small following so we revamped our site with a new theme
  • hand built from the ground up. As we got more positive feedback from readers we decided to expand into our other main obsession - Hardcore/Punk records. Over the following months we had some friends express interest in writing about their area of expertise like comics,toys,etc... We setup some more sites and are now seven sites strong and growing. We are having a blast sharing our passion and OCD with everyone and have some plans for new sites in the coming future. Stay Tuned!
  • Brian Murphy
    Co-Founder / Backend Tech
  • Chris Casali
    Co-Founder / Paperwork
  • Jay B
    Co-Founder / Creative